There are many types of organizations or people that hire our company. The first is one of the many types of organizations that are in the business of building new hotels. The second is a community that is working diligently to bring a new hotel project to their community. These communities are either referred to us by one of the many types of companies you need to complete a project in your community, have stumbled across our name while searching the internet or are referred to us by another community we have worked with.   Some are even communities that have had studies done in the past but due to our quality, have decided to have their study redone by us.

In some of these scenarios, after the study is complete, the next step is unclear. What do I do next? This question is one that comes up a lot after we have completed our work. There are many moving parts in developing a project after we have completed the market feasibility study. The key is to understanding each facet you need. Here is a list of the types of businesses you need involved in your project:

1. Hotel Developer

2. Hotel Investor

3. Land Owner

4. Hotel General Contractor

5. Hotel Brand (if you are opting out of an independent option)

6 Hotel Management Company

Now in many cases one company may take care of all these aspects. You may come across a hotel developer that is a general contractor and a management company. You may come across a hotel management company that wants to be the hotel developer and take care of all aspects of the project.  In some cases, depending on the type and size of hotel you need, a certain brand will not be an option (your brand options will be listed in your study). All of these aspects will need to be covered in your project.

If you need help finding the right companies to work with, we can help with that but the your study will not stay viable forever so the most important phase is to get moving!