Project Proforma - Immediately following Development and Operational Cost Gathering, Core Distinction Group will take all information gathered in consideration to put together a project, brand, market and scale specific Proforma that is bank, investor, brand and developer friendly.

Final – After all requested changes are made and after final payment is received, Core Distinction Group will submit a final draft of the Hotel Market Feasibility Study and Brand Specific Proforma to the community for use. 


Our Hotel Market Feasibility Study Process

Extensive industry knowledge and experience is our one of the many things that makes Core Distinction Group different. We offer knowledge in all aspects of the hotel development process to how to operate a successful property. This hands on knowledge has helped us cultivate a strong reputation within the industry.

Our Hotel Market Study offers detailed and strategic market, industry, and financial knowledge that will strengthen your hospitality business decision process from beginning of your hotel development to the final product. Don't take our word for it!


Site Visit and Community Interviews – This phase involves an in-depth local tour given by community leaders to help Core Distinction understand said community at this draw. The tour also includes detailed analysis of potential sites for the project. Following the tour, Core Distinction Group sit down and interview demand generators (gathered and scheduled during Research and Community Outreach) to develop knowledge and understanding of the community and its individual needs. This part of the process is conducted in 1-2 days, depending on number of in-person interviews.

Data Compilation – This phase of the process involves compiling all the data gathered during our visit to gain the overall picture of what is needed for the community. This phase also includes phone interviews and online surveys in case some demand generators could not attend in-person interviews. This phase is conducted in 2 weeks following our community visit completion.

Expert Hospitality Consultants, Hotel Feasibility Study, Market Feasibility Study, Hotel Development, Hotel Experts
Expert Hospitality Consultants, Hotel Feasibility Study, Market Feasibility Study, Hotel Development, Hotel Experts

Research and Community Outreach – This phase involves speaking with community leaders to compile a list of potential demand generators in the local and regional community to conduct interviews during our Site Visit and Community Interviews. Research and Community Outreach is conducted with in the first 1 to 2 weeks following receipt of the retainer. 

Draft Completion/Submittal – After Core Distinction has conducted it’s visit, gathered all the potential demand information, industry data and construction/operating costs, they will complete the draft of the study and submit for review by contracted entity. Changes to the study may be made at this point but are limited to wording and grammar updates. 

Development and Operational Cost Gathering – This involves all things cost. Core Distinction Group gathers actual cost for the development, construction, financing, taxes, and all other ongoing cost associated with the specific project.

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Data Receiving and Reporting – Once all the demand generator information is gathered, Core Distinction Group begins pulling industry data for target market as well as industry trends to help us gain a better understanding of the local and regional opportunity areas.