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Let Us Be Your Hotel Consultants...
At Core Distinction Group, we set and exceed the industry standard for high-quality, thorough, and dedicated work ethic. With over 55 years of combined Hotel Management under our belts, we can help your property be all it can be. Our leaders offer a hands on approach offering direction and knowledge throughout the entire process of building and opening a hotel. With a focus on customer service, revenue management, cost controls, franchisor relations and much more, we offer a foundation in the industry to ensure your property brings as much to the bottom line without sacrificing quality of service. Our services include but are not limited to the following:


Hospitality Consulting ServicesOur Strength is in our Difference

We hear the same story over and over, "We have been trying for years to get a new hotel built in our community." Or "We had a Hotel Study done three years ago and nothing has happened."

If you do not have the proper tools and the proper knowledge, your project will never get done. Period! This is why we developed our Hotel Development Consulting Service. Simply put, there are too many community leaders that simply do not have the time to contact and keep track of the many components of getting a new hotel developed.  There are hundreds of hotel brands, developers, builders, investors and financial institutions out there. You may have time to reach out to each one, but will they return you phone call or email? Our extensive experience and industry connections make the process a little less time consuming and, to be straight forward, heart breaking. Click the link below to learn more about our Hotel Development Consulting Services:


  • Hotel Operations Consulting - A successful hotel is contingent on the smooth operation of your hotel. At Core Distinction, we provide a dynamic team that can help evaluate your properties progress, find and implement the practices needed to move forward. All while we:

    • Work as an extension of your hotel ownership

    • Provide hands-on, professional service

    • Deliver superior performance

    • Create a positive environment

    • Empower your team to succeed

  • Hotel Sales & Marketing Consulting - To ensure that your hotel is making the most revenue possible, a good sales and marking plan must be in place and being executed at all times. Core Distinction will work to increase sales via all-staff training, direct sales, eCommerce, social media, brand sales and much more. Our services include:

    • Website Audits

    • Social Media Monitoring

    • Online Channel Content Monitoring

    • Digital Marketing

    • Sales & Marketing Plan Development, Guidance, Execution and Accountability

    • Pre-Opening Sales Calls

    • Brand Global Sales Relations

    • On-Going Training

  • Hotel Revenue Optimization Consulting - Some companies are all about heads in bed, some area all about rate, we are all about what makes the best revenue to the bottom line. Our Revenue Management style is based on more than 50 years of experience working with hotels to ensure each and every staff member is educated cost of a room, sold vs. vacant, and training them to get the most for each room sold. Our services include:

    • Revenue Optimization Plans

    • Strong On-Site Training of ALL Staff Members

    •  Monitoring of Rates Management

  • Hotel Guest Experience & Reputation Management Consulting - Today you can never be too careful! The internet is a place where people can praise you while making your hotel a success or it is a place where people can complain and break your hotel. Core Distinction holds the guest experience and reputation management in high regard on its list of priorities. We focus on reputation management monitoring, the guest experience before, during and after their stay and constant growth training for all staff involved in your hotel.